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Young students from the Golden Crane attended the 1st Annual 'Karate - Food Fight', a fund raiser to help collect food donations to benefit the
New Horizons Soup Kitchen. The tournament, held Saturday, Nov.21, 2015, in Manchester NH was well attended.

Congratulations to all of the students, with special recognition to the following who attended the tournament, representing the Golden Crane:
Erica Lefebvre, Nathan Lefebvre, Sadie Lebsack, Sam Hoyt, Stella Merrill, Ana Merrill
Tenzan Karate Conclave [Hollis NH] _ September 26, 2015
MSTKD Benefit Karate Tournament - November 21, 2015
Photo courtesy of W.Craigue
A day long event of back to back seminars featuring instructors
from across New England, and as far away as Chicago, Il &
Atlanta, Ga.

A great time of camaraderie was enjoyed by all, and the seminars
themselves were fun & educational.
Special Event: Kung Fu Fan Kata Seminar _ Sept. 19, 2015
Merit Badge Program Graduation - March 11, 2016

    back to 19th century Japan and to "the way of the Samurai". The Samurai lived by a set of rules, a code, which guided their
This was known as the Bushido code, or “The Way of the Warrior.”

Over the past 12 months, the Golden Crane has conducted a program designed to help students to better understand the morals and virtues of
the Karate way of life, and then take the lessons and the skills from the dojo [karate school] into their everyday lives, molding students in to
becoming better citizens of their community.

Students have been learning the benefits of ‘Commitment, Courage, Friendship, Gratitude & Teamwork’, to name a few. There are a total of 24
virtues to learn, and work on, and students earned badges for each completed virtue in our 12 month Merit Badge Program.

The students participating all volunteered to be a part of the program, completing a monthly activity sheet which their parent [or teachers]
signed off on. Along the way students participated in special fun interactive events, such as Game Night & Movie Night; as well as reaching out
to assist others by making & sending cards to sick children in local hospitals.

At the end of the year, those students achieving all 24 Badges attended a Graduationl Event.
Special Congratulations to: Rylee Conard, Nathan DeBruyckere, Ryan DeBruyckere, Sadie Lebsack, Erica Lefebvre, Nathan Lefebvre,
Luke Levine, Zachary McGarry, Ana Merrill, Stella Merrill & David Theroux for having completed ALL 24 VIRTUES!  

A special “Thank you” to Sempai-Dai Hunter Rouillard, who designed and implemented the program, mentoring students every step of the way,
and a special ‘Thank you” to Sempai Joseph Hennigar, Jr, and some of the other Teens who also mentored the students, attending events and
assisting students to complete this program.
A Gift of Support: NH FOOD BANK
We believe that giving and supporting those in need is a characteristic of a good martial artist.
Working together for peace, and In this spirit, the Golden Crane works to sponsor an annual
Thank you all for you help with the NH Food Bank Collection!
2008 collection drive & sorting of toys and gifts for the US Solders, and their families.
Seminar - April 20, 2016: Escrima Sticks
Kung Fu Seminar: September 14, 2013
On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, the Golden Crane hosted an Escrima Stick Seminar for students from the school, as well as opening up the
    Classes were conducted for Youth aged students, followed by a second class for Teens & Adults.  This
    introductory class covered basics for the escrima sticks, as well as a bit of knowledge & history of the art, and its'
    origins.  Sensei R.Gelo was exceptional as he instructed students in this fast moving art form.

    From simple flow drills, to self defense combinations, the seminar went too quickly. Students left with video
    footage of the techniques to continue to work them.

    Thank you heartily to Sensei, and his assistants, for an amazing evening!
"Max" the Lion Visits the Golden Crane: Thursday, September 8, 2011
Max, the mascot for the Manchester Monarchs Hockey Team was on hand to visit with students & parents at our school in Windham NH.
Together with the students, Max worked on basic karate technqiues!  thank you to all who participated with us!
2016 Competitive Karate Tournament Season
September 2016 Windham Blackout Cancer-Community 'Drop Off' Location
As part of this exceptional community event, the Golden Crane acted as one of several Community ’Drop Off’ Locations for the “Band-
Aid/Small Toy Drive” [from 9/10/16 - 9/23/16].
Golden Crane students, parents & friends assisted in collecting boxes of cheerful band-aids and appropriate toys for children battling cancer
who are in the hospital.  Martial arts is not just about self-defense, but about defending those who need our help against people, things and
diseases that are attacking them.  It was our hope, and our goal, that our students would donate freely and generously, while learning this
important life lesson, as well as re-enforcing these values that are already known.

A heartfelt THANK YOU - your assistance and contributions helped make this event a success... !
Email:  goldencrane04@gmail.com
Phone: (603) 437-2020
Mail: 46 Lowell Rd, Ste.#6, Windham NH, 03087

The Golden Crane is conveniently located minutes off  
I-93 [Exit 3], at 46 Lowell Rd, in beautiful Windham, NH.
2008 collection drive & sorting of toys and gifts for the US Solders, and their families.
The 2nd Annual MSTKD 'Food Fight' Karate Tournament:  - A Benefit Drive to assist the NH Food Bank -

On Saturday, November 12 2016, competitors from around the New England area attended a karate tournament in Manchester NH,
demonstrating their skills in areas such as Kata [Forms], Kumite [Sparring], Kobudo [Traditional Weapons Forms] & Board Breaking.

Congratulations for their outstanding performances at this years event go to Samuel J. Hoyt, and Jack Hoyt!  The Golden Crane is very proud
of your efforts on behalf of yourself, and our dojo! Way to go!
2nd Annual MSTKD 'Food Fight' Karate Tournament - Saturday, Nov.12, 2016
:: Some of Our Past Events Include ::
28th Annual 'Kick for Cancer' Karate Tournament (Gilmanton Iron Works, NH]- Apr.8, 2017
Congratulations ... to Sam Hoyt & Zachary McGarry for their performances at the recently held 'Kick for Cancer
Karate Tournament on April 8, 2017!  

We are very proud of both Sam & Zach for their performances at the tournament, and for representing the
Golden Crane so well!  Thank you!  Kyoshi & Shihan
the Students & Staff of the Golden Crane.

Over the course of a year, the students of the Golden Crane learned about the art of Origami
(the Japanese art of paper folding). Ranging in ages from 5 years old to adult, students folded
each of the thousand cranes, stringing them together to form the hanging mobiles.

Each crane folded represents a wish put into the universe for the military serving in Iraq to come
home soon, and to come home safely.  This origami mobile is dedicated to all of the heroes,
past, present and future who have protected our freedom with an unselfish and willing heart and

Dedication: The following story was placed on a plaque and presented to the Director of the VA
Medical Center. This plaque will hang with the Crane Mobiles and circulate through the various
wards of the VA Medical Center.

"One Thousand Wishes"
Legends say the Crane lives for 1000 years. It mates for life and is regarded as a symbol of
fidelity, longevity and good fortune. The cranes in these mobiles are created using origami, the
art of paper folding.

Tradition says that folding 1000 cranes, one for each year of the cranes life, will make a wish
come true. This legend was popularized by the true story of Sadako. She was a young girl who
when diagnosed with leukemia from exposure to the bombing at Hiroshima, began folding cranes
to wish fore her own healing as well as the healing and peaceful existence of the world. She was
able to fold 644 cranes before her death. The remaining 356 cranes were folded by her friends
and family after her death.

The students of the Golden Crane, a traditional Karate and Tai Chi school in Windham, NH,
have folded each one of the thousand cranes you see hanging. Each crane represents a wish
put in to the universe for the military serving in Iraq & overseas to come home soon, and to
come home safely.

These mobiles are dedicated to all of the heroes, past, present and future who have
protected our freedom with an unselfish and willing heart and hand. Please accept our
profound gratitude for your service.
Kick-a-Thon to Benefit Kids Kicking Cancer - Wednesday, April 19, 2017 @ 5 PM
The Dollar Tree stores in NH promoted a collection from the community of toys and gifts for the soldiers and their families.  On Dec. 17th, the
Golden Crane facilitated this process by sorting out bags & boxes of gifts, which were then forwarded to the National Guard, to be dispersed

  • Sympathy towards all people,
  • Sincerity and respect for one's word of honour,
  • Absolute loyalty to one's superior,
  • A duty to defend the honour of one's name and guild.

    Kyoshi and I believe that integrating these virtues are as important to a person as
    learning how to punch and kick for self-defense.  We strive to teach these virtues
    through example.  We believe that all martial arts have a similar code incorporating
    these ideas.
    Thank you, Shihan
Students who attended the seminar were introduced to some of the facets of 'Kung Fu'... a Chinese martial art, learning kicks, stretching
drills, and some of the origins & history of Kung Fu. Interestingly, the martial arts of China have a direct influence on the systems of karate
Students who attended the seminar were introduced to some of the facets of 'Kung Fu'... a Chinese martial art, learning kicks, stretching
taught at the Golden Crane, which include: Shorin-ryu & Goju-ryu [2 styles of karate]!

We will continue to provide the opportunity to our students, to learn more about and understand traditional martial arts through the
knowledge and experience of talented international martial artists.  To that end, we encourage our students to take advantage of these
opportunities to train, and learn. Thank you. Kyoshi & Shihan
Kids Kicking Cancer's mission is to ease the pain of very sick children while empowering them to heal
physically, spiritually and emotionally. Visit: www.kidskickingcancer.org for more information.
for competition, with special recognition to the following who attended tournaments representing the Golden


  • Abby Lebsack: 3rd Place Kobudo [weapons forms], 3rd Place Kata [forms]

2016 MSTKD OPEN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP (Manchester, NH) - April 30, 2016

  • Erica Lefebvre: 2nd Place Weapons Kata [Forms],  1st Place Empty Hand Kata [Forms]
  • Abby Lebsack:  3rd Place Empty Hand Kata [Forms]
  • Sam Hoyt: 1st Place Empty Hand Kata,  1st Place Kumite [Sparring]

2016 AAU KARATE NIAGARA DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP (East Syracuse, NY) - April 15, 2016

  • Abby Lebsack: 2nd Place Kobudo [weapons forms], 3rd Place Kata [forms]


  • Liam Foley: 4th Place Kata [forms], 3rd Place Kumite [sparring]
  • Gregory Kindrat, Jr: 1st Place Kumite [sparring]
  • Casey Kindrat: 2nd Place Kata [forms]
  • Luke Levine: 6th Place Kata [forms], 3 Place Kumite [sparring]
  • Eliot Lebsack: 4th Place Kata [forms], 4th Place Kumite [sparring]
  • Sadie Lebsack: 3rd Place Kata [forms]
  • Flinn Lebsack: 3rd Place Kata [forms]
  • John Craigue: 4th Place Kata


  • Abby Lebsack: 1st Place Kobudo [weapons forms], 3rd Place Kata [forms]
31,200 KICKS !!!
We were able to donate $2567.04 to the Kids Kicking Cancer Fundraiser!  
Kyoshi & I are so very proud of you all. Again, thank you for your support....
You made a difference!

We wish to say a heartfelt "Thank you!" to all of the Golden Crane students,
parents, families & friends who Supported this Fund Raiser.

A special 'Thank you!' to the students & friends who stepped forward,
and proved themselves to be ROCK STARS at KICKING!

We know that the spirit of helpfulness is rich in our school.  
Thank you for participating, and for helping make someone's life better.
Friday, March 16, 2018: Escrima Stick Seminar!
Instructor Bio:   The instructor for this seminar is Master Randy Gelos. Master Gelo started his training in Kenpo Karate in 1983, and In 1995 he
opened his own school in Allenstown, NH [Master Gelo’s Family Karate].

After opening his school, Master Gelo started taking lessons in Modern Arnis under Grandmaster Remy Presas, and Tai Chi under Mr. John Toy.
In 2000, Grandmaster Presas promoted Master Gelo to Eighth Degree.
Escrima Stick Seminar[s] - March 16, 2018

On Friday, March 16, 2018, Golden Crane Karate was pleased to host
Sensei Randy Gelo, an experienced practitioner & teacher,  
as he conducted a Modern Arnis [Escrima Stick] Seminar.

Modern Arnis [Escrima Stick] is an effective self-defense system.
Training covers empty-hand self-defense (striking, locking, throwing, etc.) as well as
the trademark single and double stick techniques of the Filipino martial arts.

Students quickly learn that the stick is an extension of ones hands, and training helps build and improve muscle memory &
coordination. Important aspects of martial arts, and self defense!
At the 15th Annual MSTKD Open Karate Tournament, held Saturday, May 5, 2018 in Manchester NH, Liam Foley
competed in both Kata [Forms] & Kumite [Sparring].

Competing with other Teen Intermediate Level participants,
Liam successfully earned FIRST PLACE in both of his events.

CONGRATULATIONS!  Way to go Liam. We are so proud of you!!!!!
15th Annual MSTKD Open Karate Tournament
Parents & Students: Please click on the link provided to view the monthly activity calendar (pdf format).
:: Events ::
A Better World - Please Read!
Good Day,
Part of martial arts training, and Black Belt Spirit is the discipline and generosity to help our community.  Over the last 14 years, Golden Crane has
raised food donations for the Food Bank many times to facilitate this understanding and training.  

    This year, Kyoshi and I would like to extend to you the opportunity to make a monetary donation to the NH Food Bank.  We have
    chosen a monetary donation in lieu of goods so the food bank can purchase what they need rather than use what they have.  Any
    left over funds can be used to purchase food at other times of the year rather than just for the holidays.

    Thank you!  Our goal is $300 but we would like to beat that goal !!!  $300 will provide over 600 meals.
    Please go to www.nhfoodbank.org for more information about the Food Bank.

Our fundraiser will be active from November 6th to November 17th, 2018. Please give generously.  
Thank you, Kyoshi / Diane and Shihan / Lee
:: Upcoming Events ::
Come back, visit soon, and
watch for more event postings to come!
Be an Ambassador for the Golden Crane!
We value your family’s friendship, and we are sincerely grateful and honored that you have chosen our

We want to attract more families like yours too.  This is why we launched the
Golden Crane Ambassador
Program in February 2015
.  It is a referral program designed to attract quality people, like you to our
school, allowing our valued students to share their martial arts experience with their families and friends!

Here’s how it works:
Every person [or family] you refer will receive a Two-Week Trial Membership at absolutely no cost!

When your referral enrolls in our school, in appreciation for your support we will take $$ off** your
monthly tuition for the entire 1st year of your friend’s membership! For every new family referred [2 or
more family members] who enrolls, we’ll knock additional $$ off** your monthly tuition for the entire 1st
year of your referrals membership.

**Complete details of the Ambassador Program are available through the office.
Questions?  Please let us know. Thank you!
Golden Crane Ambassador Program
Vermont State Nationals Karate Tournament - September 29, 2018
Congratulations to our Successful Tournament Warriors:
Erica Lefebvre & Sam Hoyt

On Saturday, Sept.29, 2018. Erica & Sam participated
in highly competitive divisions
at the Vermont State Nationals Karate Tournament
held in Westminster, Vt.

Both students, Teen Black Belts, participated in multiple events,
including an inaugural 'Synchronized Kata (Forms)'.

We are extremely proud of their performances, and the growth
they personally experienced through participating in these events!
The Greatest Compliment We Can Receive
Is For You To Invite Friends & Family To Our School!
Returning from a successful competition at the Twin State Karate Championships,
held in Lebanon, NH, on Saturday, Oct.20th, is Erica Lefebvre.

Erica, a 2nd Degree Teen Black Belt, represented herself well, earning a 1st Place in Kata [Forms],
and a 4th Place in Traditional Weapons Kata [Forms].

Well Done! Thank you to Erica and her Family! And, Thank you to everyone
who helped our competitor(s) prepare for this, and other events!
Helping Our Community...
(603) 437-2020
46 Lowell Rd, Ste.#6
Golden Brook Commons
Windham NH
Classical Traditional Karate & Kobudo
The generosity of our Golden Crane Family has brought in $625 !!!! in donations, to benefit the NH Food Bank,
and help feed those in need in our community.  

We were hoping for $300 and you doubled it.  Thank you to those who contributed!!!!
We appreciated your generosity!  Thank you to those who wanted to donate and either couldn't or donated another way.  
This is what Golden Crane is about!!!  

Wishing you all the happiest of Holidays !!!
Holiday Party for Youth & Junior Students: Friday, Dec.7, 2018
A great event, thank you to everyone who attended!
and, a thank you to everyone who helped make the evening a success!
Sparring & Self Defense Classes
Students are encouraged to bring their Sparring gear with them to all classes.
We will be adding sparring to classes throughout the month,
and especially when enough students show an active interest in participating.

Not Yet Sparring? Talk to the Office about the needed sparring gear!
Students are encouraged to become involved in this part of training as early,
and we look forward to answering your Questions?
Please speak with an instructor, or contact the office directly. Thank you!

IMPORTANT UPDATE—SPARRING GEAR: Due to increased liability issues, torn sparring gear may no
longer be taped (or glued), but must be replaced. Please refer to the ‘Golden Crane Sparring Guidelines’
(see link below) for complete information, or speak with an instructor. Thank you.
Download a copy of the 'Golden Crane Sparring Guidelines', by 'clicking' on the link above. Thank you.
Referral Program:
Twin State Karate Championships - October 20, 2018
Thank you!!!
Student Challenge: February 2019
Traditions in Martial Arts—The Daruma Doll
A popular talisman of good luck, and often used in setting goals, the Daruma Doll, or ‘Tumbling Doll’ as it is often called, is usually made
of paper mache, and weighted on the bottom so it always stand up, even when pushed over - symbolic of persistence. “Fall Down Seven
Times, Get Up Eight!”
Challenge – Learning to Set & Achieve a ‘Short Range’ Goal:
Congratulations, and 'Thank You!' for your participation in our Student Challenge!

We would like to offer special recognition to the following students
for their dedication and efforts:
Kiley Coco, Isabella Ferragamo, Liam Bloomer, Tyler Dell'Orfano, Daniel Murphy

Thank you, and again, WELL DONE!
It's Here! ... Summer Training!
The YOUTH Summer Class Schedule
is in effect from
June 1, 2019 through August 31, 2019.

During the summer months,
ALL Youth Karate Classes are opened to ALL Youth Karate Rank Levels (from Beginner to Advanced).
This includes the week day 5 pm classes, and the Saturday 10:20 am class.
Pick up a copy of the schedule on our website, or at the school.

AND, to stay cool this summer...
The “Summer Training Uniform”
is in effect from June 1, 2019 through August 31, 2019.

Students are welcome to train in our ‘Summer Training Uniform’ (a Golden Crane Logo T-shirt [Black], karate pants
& Rank Belt)... OR... Students may continue to train in their regular student uniform [karate gi].

A limited number of t-shirts are still available for sale. Please contact the office to purchase a t-shirt, or if
you have questions. Thank you.
Friday, April 12, 2019: Escrima Stick Seminar!
On Friday, March 16, 2018, Golden Crane Karate was pleased to host
Sensei Randy Gelo, an experienced practitioner & teacher,  
as he conducted a Modern Arnis [Escrima Stick] Seminar.

Modern Arnis [Escrima Stick] is an effective self-defense system.
Training covers empty-hand self-defense (striking, locking, throwing, etc.) as well as
the trademark single and double stick techniques of the Filipino martial arts.

Students quickly learn that the stick is an extension of ones hands, and training helps build and improve muscle memory &
coordination. Important aspects of martial arts, and self defense!
Summer Class Schedule in
effect 6/1/19 to 8/31/19

Click on the 'Link' to download
a printable copy
"Parents as Partners!"
Saturday, May 18th : “Parents as Partners” Class @ 10:20 AM.

We invite students to bring their parents with them, to train.
This includes the Youth and Junior Classes.

Questions? Please let us know! Thank you.
On Saturday, June 29, 2019... Golden Crane conducted Rank Testing for Adult & Teen Students testing
for Under Black Belt, & Black Belt Levels.

Rank Promotions were awarded Wednesday, July 10, 2019, at a spirited training class & promotional
event with Students, Parents and Guests in attendance, to witness students donning their new ranks
for the first time - well done!
Congratulations!  ... to our Newest Ranks!
Summer Memberships

Click on the 'Link' [above]
for details!
"Congratulations Liam!"
At the
28th Annual KICKS USA National Karate Championships,
held on Saturday, May 18, 2019, in Gardiner, ME,

Liam Foley participated in three (3) events:
Forms (Empty Hand) - Forms (Weapons) - Sparring

Liam earned: Gold in Sparring,
Silver in Forms (Empty Hand),
and placed 5th in Forms (Weapons)
in a field of 13 competitors.

Congratulations Liam! Well done!
The following students
have successfully passed their rank test, and
earned their next rank levels...

*** *** ***

Jason C. promoted to Hachikyu, Orange Belt

Emma C. promoted to Gokyu, Green Belt-2nd Level

Wiliiam 'Liam' F. promoted to Sankyu, Brown Belt

James V. promoted to Sankyu, Brown Belt

*** *** ***
Congratulations! Well Done!
Shihan Lee & I are extremely proud of all of you!
Bring-a-Friend & Street Clothes Week
7/16/19 through 7/20/19
It’s Summer! Let’s make time for FRIENDS!
July 16 through July 20, 2019 ... is...
Bring-a-Friend & Street Clothes Week

During this week, Students may bring Friends to class with them.
Additionally, students [& friends] may wear street clothes [such as shorts, T-shirts, and/or jeans] to class.
(Please use common sense guidelines in wearing appropriate, loose fitting clothing—thank you!)

This includes All Junior, Youth, Teen & Adult Karate Classes!
WATCH for the email about our upcoming Raffle Ticket Contest
to win a FOUR-PACK of TICKETS to Canobie Lake Park!

Taya A. promoted to Joshu-Shoban, 1st Degree Teen Black Belt

Casey K. promoted to Joshu-Yonban, 4th Degree Teen Black Belt

Gregory K. promoted to Joshu-Yonban, 4th Degree Teen Black Belt
Please click on the 'Promotion Photos' Link (above) to view some captured moments from the Rank Promotion event.
July 16th, 2019 through August 17th, 2019