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Email:  goldencrane04@gmail.com
Phone: (603) 437-2020
Mail: 46 Lowell Rd, Ste.#6, Windham NH, 03087

The Golden Crane is conveniently located minutes off  
I-93 [Exit 3], at 46 Lowell Rd, in beautiful Windham, NH.
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Our 3-Month Introductory Membership is for new karate students, in addition to our regular
programs. This is an ideal way to experience martial arts, and what the Golden Crane has to
offer you...

The 3-Month Introductory Student Program includes:
  • A FREE Introductory Class

  • 3 Months of Unlimited Training (classes are available mornings, afternoons and/or evenings,
    depending on the age group).

  • A Flexible Start Date (Begin your training when you are ready!)

  • No Contracts - Our memberships are not contracts. Our enrollment is based on a mutual
    understanding that we will provide you, and/or your child[ren] with the best possible education and
    experience we can.

* new students only.
:: Introductory Program ::
(603) 437-2020
46 Lowell Rd, Ste.#6
Golden Brook Commons
Windham NH
Traditional Karate & Kobudo
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Karate is defined in the dictionary as … “an Asian system of unarmed combat using the hands and
feet to deliver and block blows, widely practiced as a sport” …. But Students who train at the Golden
Crane know Karate is about much more!

      There is a physical element to the training, as students work within their own body limitations,
using kicks and punches, stretching for increased flexibility, moving with slow purpose or explosive
speed through forms to develop muscle tone, and to relax and release stress from their bodies (and

Karate is NOT JUST FOR KIDS! Adults find Karate stimulating to the mind, while engaging the body
in balance enhancing exercises, practicing self-defense skills with each other from forms found in
traditional patterns called KATA. And there’s sparring too, where partners work together, at close
quarters, wearing safety equipment, learning how to employ new techniques and evasions, from
experienced instructors.

      At the Golden Crane, you will find individuals, as well as families training. Studying the arts of
Traditional Karate [Goju-ryu & Shorin-ryu], Traditional Weapons Forms [Kobu-jutsu], and more.
Students in our school can earn up to Three [3] Black Belts (in complete systems of martial arts).
The school also maintains ties with various schools, and martial arts instructors, to the enrichment of
the students training at the Golden Crane.