Training in Traditional Martial Arts assists
    your child to develop: CONFIDENCE!

  • By looking and feeling confident, the bullies will be afraid
    of their positive attitude. They will think twice about
    harassing your child!

  • The ability for your child to disarm a situation by knowing it
    is OK to walk away. A well known martial artist once said:
    "The art of fighting, without fighting!"

  • The ability to develop an 'I can' attitude. Your child's
    confidence will enable them to open new doors, and
    succeed throughout life!

Additionally, Traditional Martial Arts can assist your child to:
  • Excel in their academic studies!
  • Increase their focus and concentration!
  • Mentally stimulate and physically challenge them!

This summer, consider giving your child a boost in their education, by enrolling them
in Traditional Martial Arts!
:: Junior Program [5-6 years old] ::
Achieve Better Grades !
Improved focus & concentration;
see the difference and effort on that next report card! Studies
prove that students studying Traditional Martial Arts have improved focus and concentration skills,
resulting in better grades!

Get Fit, Have Fun, and Make New Friends !
Traditional Martial Arts is also a great way to have fun and get fit!              
  • Traditional Martial Arts assists youngsters in developing social skills, by making new
    friends, laughing & having fun.
  • Provides opportunities for children to learn how to work in groups; as well as leadership
  • Develop better coordination & increased flexibility!
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness!
  • Traditional Martial Arts training assists students to excel in other sports!

Help Resist 'Peer Pressure' !
Studies also indicate that students studying the Martial Arts are less likely to become involved with
drugs and alcohol, and are better able to resist 'peer pressure'.

Channel your child's energy !
Studies show that students with ADD/ ADHD, who study Traditional Martial Arts, have improved
focus and concentration, and do better at school. Karate is a great activity for children to release
their excess energy, in a positive, constructive manner.

Help increase your child's self-confidence & self-esteem !
If you are still wondering
"How will my child benefit from Traditional Martial Arts?"
"Why would I want them to do Karate?"
Here are some great reasons:
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