:: Legend of the Golden Crane ::
Legend of the Golden Crane:

The patch worn by the students training at the Golden Crane is unique to this school. We believe
understanding the message and symbolism behind the patch’s design is important to assist the students,
and their families,understand what we at this school are striving to achieve as each of us grows through our
training, and thusly in our lives.

The crane is traditionally held, in Japanese society, to represent long life, happiness and good fortune.
Symbols of the crane are often used at weddings, as the crane mates for life, representing a deep value for
the family.

The purple circle in the background may represent different things to each of us: the circle of life… the circle
of family and friends… a comfort zone which surrounds us, and which we may be reluctant to leave… the
restrictions that we may find that we impose on ourselves, such as ‘I can’t do it’, but, which we find ourselves
able to conquer through applying effort.

The golden crane is spreading its’ wings to take flight, and reaching for the stars. The wing tips of the bird
are extending beyond the circle. This represents each of us as we strive to reach our potential, which may
sometimes take us outside the familiar.

The Japanese characters, or Kanji, placed at the bottom left corner of the patch are translated to mean Kin
no Tsuru, “Crane of Gold” [Golden Crane]. The colors used have their own significance. Gold and purple
are the color of royalty in Japan. In karate, white is the color of the beginner, signifying the beginning of one’
s journey in the martial arts. Black is considered the final goal of the student, as a student strives to achieve
their black belt.
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