If you are still wondering
"What am I going to get from Traditional Martial Arts?"
"Why would I want to do Karate?"
Here are some additional reasons:
:: Teen Program [12-15 years old] ::
Looking to Achieve Better Grades?
Studies prove that students studying the Martial Arts
have improved focus and concentration skills,
resulting in better grades!
Help Resist 'Peer Pressure'!
Studies also indicate that students studying the Martial Arts
are less likely to become involved with drugs and alcohol,
and better able to resist 'peer pressure'.
Get Fit, Have Fun, and Make New Friends!
Martial Arts is also a great way to have fun and get fit! If you enjoy making
new friends, laughing & having fun, and learning new things, this may be for
  • Develop better coordination & increased flexibility!

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness!

  • Traditional Martial Arts training assists students to excel
    in  other activities including: music, science, sports and

  • It's a great stress relief (brother or sister keep bothering
    you? Experiencing frustration and don't know how to let it
    out?). Here is time for you to get it all out in a safe and fun

  • Increased self-confidence & self-esteem - you CAN ask
    that boy/ girl out that you have been dying to take to the

  • Improved focus & concentration; see the difference and
    effort on that next report card!
Join us for a complimentary class,
experience the training first hand, and see what people are talking about!

Contact us to schedule your appointment, and learn more about the
programs offered at the Golden Crane

We look forward to assisting you!

Email:  goldencrane04@gmail.com
Phone: (603) 437-2020
Mail: 46 Lowell Rd, Ste.#6, Windham NH, 03087

The Golden Crane is conveniently located minutes off  
I-93 [Exit 3], at 46 Lowell Rd, in beautiful Windham, NH.
To view our Teen Class Schedule, or to view a complete listing for all our programs,
please use the following link provided below.
The Body: Martial arts classes provide students with a physical workout. Students train at their
own individual ability level, while working out in a supportive group environment.

The Mind: Martial arts classes provide an environment where the mind is stimulated. Students of
all ages can gain greater confidence and learn how to concentrate with less effort and more results.
To the professional business person this is an invaluable tool.

The Spirit: Martial arts classes can assist to break personal barriers, assisting students to
develop an 'I can' attitude.
(603) 437-2020
46 Lowell Rd, Ste.#6
Golden Brook Commons
Windham NH
Traditional Karate & Kobudo
Class Schedule

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