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MAY 2019

  • Saturday, May 4, 2019  Worcester Classic Karate Tournament (all styles welcome)
  • PDF Flyer Available
     Association: IPPONE
     The Habitat for Sports, Uxbridge, MA

  • Saturday, May 18, 2019  KICKS USA National Karate Championships  
  • PDF Flyer Available
     Association: IPPONE
     Gardner Area H.S., Gardner ME

JUNE 2019

  • Saturday, June 15, 2019  22nd Annual Friendship Karate Tournament
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       Association: IPPONE
       Gorham ME

  • Saturday, June 29, 2019  13th Annual Summer Spectacular Karate Tournament
  • PDF Flyer Available
       Association: IPPONE
       Saco ME

More to come....
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Tournament Season is beginning!
Students, if you enjoy pushing yourself a little harder to achieve new goals,
then consider competing in a Martial Arts Tournament. Competition is not required
to excel in karate, but it may help to improve your overall skills in the martial arts.

  • Whether to challenge yourself to perform a kata [form] in front of others...
  • Or to gear up for sparring, and match your skills [& wits] with another student your age & level...

The knowledge & confidence that you will gain from these experiences will have an effect on you. It’s not
all about winning & losing, although it’s nice to earn a medal or ribbon… it’s about the experience you
will take home, the friends you will meet, and the understanding that you will gain.

Watch for additional classes to be added, specifically designed to improved students in competition
areas such as Kumite [sparring], Kata [forms], Kobudo [traditional weapons forms]… and even
Synchronized Team events.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to email the office, or speak with an instructor directly!
Tournament Schedule 2019 - List updated 5/ 1/19
"Congratulations Liam!"
At the
28th Annual KICKS USA National Karate Championships,
held on Saturday, May 18, 2019, in Gardiner, ME,

Liam Foley participated in three (3) events:
Forms (Empty Hand) - Forms (Weapons) - Sparring

Liam earned: Gold in Sparring,
Silver in Forms (Empty Hand),
and placed 5th in Forms (Weapons)
in a field of 13 competitors.

Congratulations Liam! Well done!

Spectator proceeds to benefit St.Jude’s Children’s Hospital
Photos courtesy of A.Foley - Thank you!

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