Kobudo - The art of training in Traditional Weapons Forms.
Students learn and experience techniques that were used by people in Okinawa, Japan and China many
years ago. Techniques that were developed by farmers and fishermen, using every day items found in their
home, or at work, and turning these implements in to 'weapons'...

    Readily at hand, these weapons could be used to fend off robbers, animals... and
    even the sword wielding samurai, who were professional warriors at that time!

    There are many tales told of Okinawan farmers successfully defending themselves,
    and their families, from danger with these simple tools!

    Bo [staff],  sai & tuifa [tonfa] are the basic weapons studied, with more advanced
    students electing to train with kama, nunchaku, eiku bo, and more...

The Traditional Weapons Program at the Golden Crane is presented to students as an elective course of

    Students who desire to train in traditional weapons, must first achieve the karate
    rank level of Rokyu [Green Belt] or above. This will ensure that students have the
    basic knowledge and understanding of techniques, and body mechanics, needed
    to succeed in weapons training.

    Students must also demonstrate a consistent level of maturity and focus in all
    classes. Younger students, although having the desire to train in weapons, must
    wait until they are mature enough....

    As traditional weapons is a separate style of martial art from karate, students will
    have the ability to achieve a third Black Belt, in addition to the two Black Belts
    earned in karate training [in the styles of Goju-ryu & Shorin-ryu].
:: Kobudo (Traditional Weapons Forms) ::
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Class Schedule for TRADITIONAL WEAPONS [Begins Oct.1, 2014]
Wednesday: 7:00-8:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00-8:00 PM
Thursday: 4:15-4:55 PM
(603) 437-2020
46 Lowell Rd, Ste.#6
Golden Brook Commons
Windham NH
Traditional Karate & Kobudo
Class Schedule

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