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Traditional Karate & Kobudo
:: Please Enjoy Some Captured Moments From Our Holiday Event ::
Holiday Party and Promotional for Adult and Teen students, and families
Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018
Promoted to Joshu-Shoban (1st Degree Junior Black Belt):
Stella Merrill
More Photos to Come....
Additional Special Promotions from our evening...
At our Holiday Party and Promotional, in addition to the rank promotions that were awarded, the school
announced the addition of several new members to the Dojo Teaching Hierarchy.

Appointed to Shidoin: Kathy A. Villemaire
Appointed to Shidoin: Scott Cousens
Appointed to Sempai: Sam Hoyt

Congratulations to All!

A special rank promotion awarded on this evening:
Promoted to Godan in Kenpo:  Kathy A. Villemaire

Congratulations! Well Deserved!
Promoted to Yonkyu (Green Belt-3rd Level):
William 'Liam' Foley
Promoted to Full Nidan
(2nd Degree Adult Black Belt):
John Samuel Hoyt
Appointed to Sempai
Promoted to Kukyu (Yellow Belt)
Jason Chubb
Promotional Ceremony Begins
Thank you for taking a moment to view some of the many memories captured
from this special evening.
We were glad we could share them with you...
Promoted to Rokyu (Green Belt)
Emma Chamberlin
Promoted to Ikkyu (Red Belt)
Taya Agnew
Promoted to Godan in Kenpo
Kathleen A. Villemaire
Promoted to Shodan (Adult Black Belt-1st Degree)
David Morasse
Promoted to Full Nidan (Adult Black Belt-2nd Degree)
Sam Hoyt
Kata performed
by David Morasse (L) & Sam Hoyt (R)
Time Spent with Good Friends!
Emma Chamberlin [L] - Promoted to Green Belt [Rokyu]
Taya Agnew [R] - Promoted to Red Belt [Ikkyu]
A sincere 'Thank You!'
to all of the parents & students who submitted photos
for our 'online photo album'!
The Golden Crane students prepare to begin the Promotional Ceremony... Eagerly awaited!
Promoted to Joshu-Shoban (Junior Black Belt-1st Degree)
Zachary McGarry
Promoted to Ikkyu (Red Belt)
Alexander Webster
Promoted to Shodan (Adult Black Belt) and seen from Left to Right:
Eliot Lebsack, Aaron Brooks and Scott Cousens. Congratulations!

Achieving Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) in Kenpo Karate: Kathy Villemaire,
and double promoted to Gokyu (2nd Level Green Belt): James Villemaire

Well Done Every One!